This Xtragel user friend of mine loves to flaunt his big dick all over the internet

I have a friend who brags about the Xtragel and Xtragel Funciona all the time, he claims that our ancestors used to fuck more than the millennial and being a homosexual used to be considered good back then instead of the opposite. He claims that everything was good with the homosexuals until the monotheistic religions came into the picture and ruined it for almost everyone.

This gay friend of mine loves to read after having a release using his penis pump. He also has many penis pump videos posted on different tube websites as he loves to flaunt his huge dick everywhere.

In one of his videos he mentioned that it doesn’t take 10 years of hard work anymore to enlarge your penis, it can be done as quickly as you would like to. He also mentioned in the same video that those who claim that using penis pump is dangerous have definitely never tried it. He says that he has been using the same for around a decade now and it never caused him any harm.

He owns a restaurant where he only hires gay waiters so that he can have a good time with them whenever he wants to. He has also been working on building a penis pump with inbuilt flavor to use with lubricants.

This gay friend of mine believes that sex is more important than money and that’s why he always gives priority to a fuck session over a chance to make some money. A fresh tasting cock never fails to make his day.

He calls his oldest friend with benefits’ cock the gun, his testicles the trigger and his semen the bullet and his friend with benefits calls his testicles the fire, his penis the wood and his semen the ashes. They mostly talk using this private terminology whenever they are out in public.

He claims that Kiki Daire is the only female pornstar who gives him a hard on.

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