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I have always believed that the true happiness only comes from being sexually satiated and there is no other way to accomplish the same until an unless you are a melancholic person like Michelangelo or a total science and invention freak like Nikola Tesla.

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I recently stumbled upon this ASMR Youtuber whose channel is solely targeted on the gays. To know the gay mindset better, I befriended him and he told me that he has always been ashamed of his sexual orientation due to his catholic upbringing and he would love to transform himself into a straight guy if he really could. I advised him to visit this sensual massage Cape Town service and watch those pretty women change your orientation with their tantric wonders and bliss, and then he told me that it would be great as he was already planning to visit Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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I personally believe that there is no dark or ugly reality of the gay world but only bright and beautiful one.

I haven’t heard from him since then but I really hope that he has already transformed his orientation and is busy making love to those tantric goddesses.

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