Bisexual men prefer mature Brazilian men over any other in general

“Gay men smile and laugh a little more than their so-called straight counterparts”, said a prominent gay fashion designer to me.

I have even heard rumors that gay men last longer in bed with some claiming that lasting for 2 hours is nothing for a gay gentleman. One person told me that gay men age better than their straight counterparts and that’s the reason why he only prefers mature gay men and he watches nothing but porn on gay site with mature men (Site Gay com Homens Maduros)

One bisexual gentleman who is a wealthy factory owner once told me that he firmly believes that everyone is born bisexual but he turns straight, homosexual or bisexual according to their personal preference(s). He said that he found both men and women to be too attractive to resist and that’s the reason why he grew up to become a bisexual man.

I have personally interviewed the man who was the first one to create a Youtube channel targeted on gay men. He told me that highly creative people are required to be happy and gay and that’s the reason why we see so many creative gay fashion designers all the time and lastly he told me that they refer to gay men as such because each and every gay man that he ever met was extremely happy all the time for no reason including George Michael of Wham.

I personally believe that more men in different cultures of the world are homosexuals than we will ever come to know. Two things that I can say for certain about the gay men are that they are superior to their straight counterparts and they prefer a big dick to a big sausage any day of the year.

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