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If you are a regular reader of my blog then you must be aware of my obsession with sexy Hispanic and Indian women with sexy thin waists but I haven’t yet disclosed my obsession with busty Japanese women with silky smooth asses.

Normally, polite girls with smooth voices put me off and rude girls with sultry and shrilly voices turn me on but any sort of Japanese voice turns me on.

It is very rare to see a busty Japanese woman with long curly hair but whenever you see one, get ready to get hard and you can really find several of those on Sex Jepun Porn websites.

It is a wonderful view when a woman with huge natural breasts takes a deep breath and if you are on NoFap or have been voluntarily or involuntarily celibate for a while, then be ready to get some chills while having that view.

No matter what your religion, culture or leaders tell you, a man is the happiest when he is ejaculating. My personal libido has been getting stronger instead of getting weaker year-by-year and I attribute a lot of it to me watching those stunning Asian, especially Japanese women regularly.

I refer to sexual encounter as reliving and many of my friends can relate perhaps including you can relate.

I have made several trips to the nation called Japan and I remember once meeting a Japanese female Uber driver that provided escort service as well. I hired this Japanese female Uber driver for three nights where she provided me her pussy and taxi services as well whenever I wanted. That is to date still my most favorite trip that I ever made to Japan.

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I have a weakness that I get uncontrollably horny after having some red bulls or wine and I have another bigger weakness that neither can I resist women nor can I resist red bulls and wine.

There is a notion that is being spread lately by the feminists that married men are generally useless in bed that having sex with one woman regularly makes a man useless in bed in the long run which I quite do not agree with as I have the first hand knowledge in extreme depth about this topic. It is quite right that a man cannot get as hard and excited for the same woman in the long run but the same man when gets exposed to a woman that he has never been with gets super-excited and super-hard. If you don’t believe me then just hire some top-notch escorts and see it for yourself.

I know some men that cannot get hard after some booze; My advice to such men is that they should try hiring some of the best female escorts available for rent in the city that they are in rather than making love to their same old boring wife or girlfriend and see how it goes. The problem is not the booze but the same old boobs, let me tell you.

I remember how back in the day a large percentage of high-tech men used to use Orkut as their PlentyOfFish or Tinder. Using Orkut as PlentyOfFish or Tinder had its own fun but still escort sites combined were far more popular than the Orkut even back in that day.

I personally love warm, caring and friendly women and that’s the reason why I hire nothing but busty women. I am telling you that women that look like the popular Mexican pornstar – Nicky Ferrari are the warmest, extremely caring and friendly. Don’t miss your chance ever to hire an escort that looks just like Nicky Ferrari whenever you get it and no matter how much does it cost you.

Bisexual men prefer mature Brazilian men over any other in general

“Gay men smile and laugh a little more than their so-called straight counterparts”, said a prominent gay fashion designer to me.

I have even heard rumors that gay men last longer in bed with some claiming that lasting for 2 hours is nothing for a gay gentleman. One person told me that gay men age better than their straight counterparts and that’s the reason why he only prefers mature gay men and he watches nothing but porn on gay site with mature men (Site Gay com Homens Maduros)

One bisexual gentleman who is a wealthy factory owner once told me that he firmly believes that everyone is born bisexual but he turns straight, homosexual or bisexual according to their personal preference(s). He said that he found both men and women to be too attractive to resist and that’s the reason why he grew up to become a bisexual man.

I have personally interviewed the man who was the first one to create a Youtube channel targeted on gay men. He told me that highly creative people are required to be happy and gay and that’s the reason why we see so many creative gay fashion designers all the time and lastly he told me that they refer to gay men as such because each and every gay man that he ever met was extremely happy all the time for no reason including George Michael of Wham.

I personally believe that more men in different cultures of the world are homosexuals than we will ever come to know. Two things that I can say for certain about the gay men are that they are superior to their straight counterparts and they prefer a big dick to a big sausage any day of the year.

Big Booty Porno has made monogamy possible by turning men into wank machines

Just last day I read a Reddit comment where the topic for discussion was ‘Is Monogamy natural?” One of the commentators posted that the monogamy is natural for men if and only if their women let them watch and jack-off to their favorite big booty porno which they won’t as they feel envious of those perfect butt girls.

Although I get a lot of pussy, head and butt, I still cannot get enough of the porn and wanking. The modern pornstars have really made it impossible for the men to stop watching porn. Although I love POV porn, I believe that VR porn is not the future of the porn industry and they should come up with something new that will be able to give men and women goosebumps just like the arrival of the free tube websites did back in the early 2000s.

Many of my friends tell me that they feel guilty after taking a wank but they don’t feel any guilt after fucking a pussy. Although I cannot relate with them, I always have the same advice to give to them and that advice is that they should all get circumcised because there is no possibility for a man with balls to stop taking a regular wank in these modern times when there are more beautiful girls always around you than ever before wearing more skimpy clothes than women ever did in the recorded history. The things are more difficult if you work at a office where most of your co-workers are pretty angels with big ass and bust or you work from home where you have access to all the porn available for free on the internet. Whatever the case maybe, the only solution to not wanking is to get circumcised.

Chaturbate ladies have helped more men to know about women’s sexuality than all the sexologists combined

I personally believe that having sex with thousands or even hundreds of different men or women, especially if you started indulging in sex before the age of 20 gets you addicted to sex to an extent that you start feeling suicidal if you don’t get a pussy or dick for more than a couple of days and that’s the reason why all the pious and respected religious figures were all for monogamy and against adultery.

I still remember how hesitant how I was when I asked my first girlfriend for first sex. What may come as a surprise to many is that it was her first time as well.

I really believe that webcam is the most revolutionary invention after the contraceptive pills related to sex in the recent times. I really think and believe that I wouldn’t be as hesitant to ask my first girlfriend for mine and hers first sex if I had a website like Chaturbate at my disposal. I have come across some of the friendliest women on Chaturbate and other cam websites where these ladies are more than happy to give relationship and sex advice to men.

What may come to you even as a bigger surprise is that I had my first sex in a car and second by a beach.

I really think that the people who find or need a reason to have sex are complete idiots. I even know some people that need a reason to masturbate. Most of my friends that non-hesitantly talked to me regarding their masturbation habits back in the college days used to tell me that they always took a wank believing that they will only edge but not ejaculate but failed 99.99% of the times. The rest used to wank to clean their pipes regularly. These guys used to believe that cleaning pipes from time-to-time is necessary in order to stay happy, healthy and testicular/prostate cancer-free.