Beautiful women are nothing less than a dream come true, don’t miss any chance to fuck one – Rameshwar Desai

Rameshwar Desai is an American dude of Indian origin who brags about his first sex with a MILF in her limo. Rameshwar also brags that he can tell by the smell of a pussy whether it is brown, black or white.

Rameshwar claims that the younger a woman, the less she likes to fuck. Rameshwar claims to have made love to several GILFs as well and he claims that the GILFs hate blowjobs but love anal.

Rameshwar takes 3 cans of Red Bulls and 200 gram of Almonds everyday to increase his testosterone levels and sexual well-being.

Rameshwar is an Assistant Manager for Business Development at a Pharmaceutical company.

Rameshwar laughs his ass-off on the Indian belief that they are very wealthy because they have a large youth population in their country. Rameshwar says that the youth of a country are no longer its financial asset since the advent of the internet pornography. Rameshwar says that what he is saying can be known by watching Alexis Fawx Cuckold movie.

Rameshwar believes that there will be robot porn in the future but nobody’s going to like or watch it.

Rameshwar believes that the best thing about multiculturism is that you get to stare and fuck so many beautiful exotic looking women.

Rameshwar has traveled the world and he has come to the conclusion that Pakistani women are the best looking and one of the freakiest in bed.

Rameshwar believes that the more religious a woman, the higher sex suppressed she is and hence more fun she is in bed whenever she gets a chance to fuck.

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