Alexis Fawx and Reagan Foxxx are the greatest modern pornstars – Entrepreneur Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson is a wealthy entrepreneur who owns a company that manufactures body cameras and accessories.

Robert is very proud of his big dick and he has been featured in several porn movies as anonymous male pornstar including one by MomPOV. He says that he would love to be featured in an Alexis Fawx Handjob movie and he is already in talks with Alexis Fawx in this regard but as you all know that Alexis is one of the busiest pornstars of the modern times, he hasn’t been able to get the date when she will be ready.

Robert started his professional career as a content writer at a full-service web development and internet marketing company.

Robert believes that unhappily married women can make the best pornstar, he likes to give example of Reagan Foxx. He says that he has watched several interviews of Reagan Foxx and he can say with all certainty that she is an unhappily married woman whose husband cannot match up with her extraordinary sex drive. He says that although Reagan comes from a well-off family, she still prefers getting fucked in the front of a camera for money than fucking someone for free, which according to Robert is a very smart thing. He is only worried about her husband’s image in front of his friends who would be hitting up on Reagan all the time. Robert says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Reagan fucks with her husband’s friends all the time.

Robert brags that he just needs a 10-minute break after each ejaculation and he can fuck forever.

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