It was PlanetSuzy post that made Alexis Fawx consider getting breast implants

One of the top 50 global pornstars of the current times – Alexis Fawx recently revealed that it was a PlanetSuzy post that made her consider getting breast implants first. Alexis also said that the male pornstar – Mikey Butders, who is a very good friend of another busty pornstar – Lucky Benton with whom he has worked a couple of times as well was the one who told indirectly Alexis Fawx to get breast implants one night when they were drinking together. You may search for PlanetSuzy Alexis Fawx to read full posts in this regard.

One of the street pimps that I have been chatting with on Discord for quite some time, told me that he wants Alexis Fawx to work with him. I was confused whether I should tell him the truth that Alexis Fawx ain’t somebody who is going to work with an ordinary street pimp or should I motivate him; I ended up motivating him.

Although this street pimp gets to fuck so many women in real life, he is still addicted to Alexis Fawx’s porn movies. He says that he is not the same person since he saw his first Alexis Fawx porn movie on 40 something. He says that he was never a porn addict before, he only used to watch porn movies as a form of recreation once a while but since that 40 something movie of Alexis Fawx, the story is completely different. He says that Alexis Fawx even resembles the woman to whom he lost his virginity on a pick-up truck bed when he was 19.

Having over a decade of experience in pimping, this guy is credible enough to claim that the pornstars, whores and promiscuous women have a comparatively deeper voice than ordinary women not because they have higher testosterone levels but because they deepthroat and eat a lot of cum.

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