This doggystyle freak is a Mantak Chia fan who pities the guys that cum too fast

Jose Trevino never fucks a woman when she is in a rush as he is a Karezza guy. He says that he ends up cumming too fast (within less than 45 minutes) when the woman is in a rush and he doesn’t enjoy a minute of their sexual escapade in that condition.

Jose brags that he once fucked his GF for 3 hours without cumming at all. He also brags that she was so impressed by it that she brought her desperate housewife girlfriend to her the next week with whom Jose lasted 3 hours without cumming as well.

Jose says that he has started to look like Bruce Venture since he started practicing sexual practices prescribed by his hero – Mantak Chia.

Recently, Jose watched the video featuring Alexis Fawx Cum compilation only to call the guys idiot. Jose says that only idiots voluntarily cum after sex.

Jose heard from his great-grandfather what his great-grandfather told him what he heard from his great-grandfather about the pre-colonial women of India that they were great fucks. None of the male family members in Jose’s family has ever died before the age of 90 in the Jose’s family due to healthy sex practices. The male members of this family believe that never have sex within 48 hours of your previous sexual encounter and whenever you do have one, last for hours at least.

Jose loves blowjobs by women with short hair but hates to fuck them as the hair-pulling is not as fun in his favorite position – doggystyle.

Demand for fleshlights have increased a lot since Alexis Fawx entered the porn industry

Tony Watanabe started importing VR headsets from the Republic of China and selling the same online and offline after once he couldn’t enjoy his most favorite pornstar of all time – Alexis Fawx’s Virtual Reality HD movie. Tony realized that there must be a huge demand for the VR headsets after this and he was right, his business is booming ever since.

Tony believes that using foul language doubles the fun while having sex but his wife doesn’t agree with this belief of Tony, she hates it when he uses such language.

Tony says that staying single is highly beneficial for highly sexual women as they can fuck with whoever they like whenever they like without any sort of worries but he says that it is opposite in the men’s case.

Tony’s wife – Emma runs an adult business that only uses drones to deliver the products to save customer from the embarrassment.

Emma says that the demand for fleshlight has increased a lot since the number of Alexis Fawx Facial movies has gone up.

Emma is an accountant by profession and she entered the adult field after she got the job of an accountant at a leading Dildo manufacturing company.

Tony and Emma openly cheat on each other and while Tony claims that sweet and outspoken girls show a lot of tantrums in the bed, Emma claims that the second generation members of the Sikh community in the Americas are the greatest fucks ever.

Beautiful women are nothing less than a dream come true, don’t miss any chance to fuck one – Rameshwar Desai

Rameshwar Desai is an American dude of Indian origin who brags about his first sex with a MILF in her limo. Rameshwar also brags that he can tell by the smell of a pussy whether it is brown, black or white.

Rameshwar claims that the younger a woman, the less she likes to fuck. Rameshwar claims to have made love to several GILFs as well and he claims that the GILFs hate blowjobs but love anal.

Rameshwar takes 3 cans of Red Bulls and 200 gram of Almonds everyday to increase his testosterone levels and sexual well-being.

Rameshwar is an Assistant Manager for Business Development at a Pharmaceutical company.

Rameshwar laughs his ass-off on the Indian belief that they are very wealthy because they have a large youth population in their country. Rameshwar says that the youth of a country are no longer its financial asset since the advent of the internet pornography. Rameshwar says that what he is saying can be known by watching Alexis Fawx Cuckold movie.

Rameshwar believes that there will be robot porn in the future but nobody’s going to like or watch it.

Rameshwar believes that the best thing about multiculturism is that you get to stare and fuck so many beautiful exotic looking women.

Rameshwar has traveled the world and he has come to the conclusion that Pakistani women are the best looking and one of the freakiest in bed.

Rameshwar believes that the more religious a woman, the higher sex suppressed she is and hence more fun she is in bed whenever she gets a chance to fuck.

Porn Camera Dude wants to start his political party and it will only have intelligent pornstars like Alexis Fawx as candidates

Hunter Lindsay doesn’t like women with plump ass and that should be evident from his obsession with Alexis Fawx. He is one of the very few Alexis Fawx fans that prefer Alexis with blonde hair over black.

Hunter is an analyst at a multinational independent investment bank and financial services company. He used to be a Muslin business owner but the business had to be shut down due to increasing losses and Hunter received such a great trauma out of it that he was not willing to get into his business again.

Hunter claims that he has become hypersexual since he recently met a road accident. He jacks off to the same Alexis Fawx Stepson movie all the time.

One of Hunter’s best friends – Jim is an ex-porn cameraman who claims that he used to cum many times in his pants while shooting the movie. He says that it is a real tough job to shoot a porn movie. He says that he paid a couple of times to the pornstar to blow him.

Jim claims that he knows a softcore porn actress that used to work so badly in hardcore movies but never did due to the family pressure and threat of divorce from her husband.

Jim believes that pornstars should be given more respect than most professionals. He claims that the porn movies and pornstars have saved more women from getting raped than one can imagine.

Jim says that he has been thinking about starting a political party that will only have pornstars as the candidates led by himself – the cameraman. I wonder what he would name it – The Pussycan Party.

Alexis Fawx and Reagan Foxxx are the greatest modern pornstars – Entrepreneur Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson is a wealthy entrepreneur who owns a company that manufactures body cameras and accessories.

Robert is very proud of his big dick and he has been featured in several porn movies as anonymous male pornstar including one by MomPOV. He says that he would love to be featured in an Alexis Fawx Handjob movie and he is already in talks with Alexis Fawx in this regard but as you all know that Alexis is one of the busiest pornstars of the modern times, he hasn’t been able to get the date when she will be ready.

Robert started his professional career as a content writer at a full-service web development and internet marketing company.

Robert believes that unhappily married women can make the best pornstar, he likes to give example of Reagan Foxx. He says that he has watched several interviews of Reagan Foxx and he can say with all certainty that she is an unhappily married woman whose husband cannot match up with her extraordinary sex drive. He says that although Reagan comes from a well-off family, she still prefers getting fucked in the front of a camera for money than fucking someone for free, which according to Robert is a very smart thing. He is only worried about her husband’s image in front of his friends who would be hitting up on Reagan all the time. Robert says that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Reagan fucks with her husband’s friends all the time.

Robert brags that he just needs a 10-minute break after each ejaculation and he can fuck forever.

I am starting a computer peripheral company and Alexis Fawx will be my brand ambassador

Today when I was listening to ‘Keep Doing That’ by Rick Ross featuring R Kelly, I was reminded of Alexis Fawx porn all the time.

Last night, I had a wet dream where Alexis Fawx was licking my balls and I came between her tits. Somethings are worth fighting for, some whores never die in the minds of their wankers or fuckers and Alexis Fawx is on the top list for me in that case.

I was born into a family of pimps and prostitutes and I proved it when during my first sex, I broke the vaginal walls of the chick I was fucking.

I lived in Russia for quite a long time and believe you me, I never saw a woman better looking than Alexis Fawx there.

If it were up to me, I would choose Alexis Fawx as the chief of the army in order to increase the spirit and testosterone levels of the soldiers. Just a glimpse of Alexis would raise their testosterone levels by up to 300%.

I firmly believe that a pussy smells better than any perfume on earth and even though I never got the opportunity to smell Alexis Fawx’s pussy ever in my life, I can still say that it smells better than any other pussy in the world.

I am thinking about starting a company that will manufacture computer peripherals and will offer 2 year warranty on each product and I will hire Alexis Fawx as the brand ambassador of the company.

One of my friends saw Alexis Fawx at the Times Square, NYC. He says that Alexis was the center of attention there although Katy Perry was also there at Times Square at that time along with the Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump clone.

It was PlanetSuzy post that made Alexis Fawx consider getting breast implants

One of the top 50 global pornstars of the current times – Alexis Fawx recently revealed that it was a PlanetSuzy post that made her consider getting breast implants first. Alexis also said that the male pornstar – Mikey Butders, who is a very good friend of another busty pornstar – Lucky Benton with whom he has worked a couple of times as well was the one who told indirectly Alexis Fawx to get breast implants one night when they were drinking together. You may search for PlanetSuzy Alexis Fawx to read full posts in this regard.

One of the street pimps that I have been chatting with on Discord for quite some time, told me that he wants Alexis Fawx to work with him. I was confused whether I should tell him the truth that Alexis Fawx ain’t somebody who is going to work with an ordinary street pimp or should I motivate him; I ended up motivating him.

Although this street pimp gets to fuck so many women in real life, he is still addicted to Alexis Fawx’s porn movies. He says that he is not the same person since he saw his first Alexis Fawx porn movie on 40 something. He says that he was never a porn addict before, he only used to watch porn movies as a form of recreation once a while but since that 40 something movie of Alexis Fawx, the story is completely different. He says that Alexis Fawx even resembles the woman to whom he lost his virginity on a pick-up truck bed when he was 19.

Having over a decade of experience in pimping, this guy is credible enough to claim that the pornstars, whores and promiscuous women have a comparatively deeper voice than ordinary women not because they have higher testosterone levels but because they deepthroat and eat a lot of cum.

Dad is a strict catholic but son is a dieheart wanker

John is the son of a strict catholic owner of a chocolate company. This dad of John is such a strict catholic that he rejected a million dollar order from a company that manufactures condoms. This company wanted John’s dad’s company to dip their condoms in chocolate to give those a chocolate flavor.

John is not like dad although he acts catholic in front of his dad. John claims that the catholics have always been against the sexuality because heavy indulgence in sex and sexuality opens up a part of the brain that makes us a genius. John says that he has personally observed that the farm animals are far more intelligent than their non-farm counterparts. John believes that the zealous god Yahweh’s greatest fear was human beings’ attachment to sex because he knew that the human beings could become geniuses if they started embracing sexuality.

John loves to watch pornography and his most favorite pornstar of all time is Alexis Fawx. John fell in love with her on the first sight. Although, John loves Alexis Fawx fucking movies so much, he says that Alexis Fawx would look at least ten times better with blue eyes, imagine her coming all naked with blue eyes in a snowy area.

John says that all his semen maybe self produced but it all belongs to Alexis.

John is amazed that the Score group hasn’t cast Alexis Fawx for any of their movies yet, John says that they must be crazy for not casting Alexis. It sounds like a warning when he says that either the Score group starts casting Alexis Fawx for whatever money she asks for or they should limit themselves to ‘naturally busty women’.

He prefers fucking his own hand while watching an Alexis Fawx vid than fucking his whorish sister-in-law

My Italian friend – Rocco’s sister-in-law amazed his entire family when she popped out a healthy baby naturally right after 6.5 months of her marriage with Rocco’s brother. Rocco’s parents were angry with this. Rocco’s brother tried his best to bribe Rocco with several different things so that he doesn’t tell their parents about the fact that their daughter-in-law popped out a baby made out of someone else’s semen instead of their own son. He even offered regular sex with his wife to Rocco but Rocco refused the offer. He said that he doesn’t need the pussy of his sister-in-law when he has got his hand, a lubricant and Alexisfawx.

Rocco is a naval architect and he loves delicious navels as well. Although he officially refused his brother the offer for sex with his wife, he knew in his heart that she is a freak and he could take advantage of her kink whenever his brother is not around. Rocco’s brother has been running a successful upscale matchmaking service for the past 8 years and it is a pity that he couldn’t made the right match for himself and ended up marrying a whore.

Rocco’s brother is going away on a trip to promote his matchmaking service next week and Rocco has decided to fuck the brains out of his sister-in-law during this time. I really hope that Rocco changes his mind and find a girlfriend for himself. If he cannot find a girlfriend, then he should stick with wanking to his favorite – Alexisfawx. I really doubt that this whore will get Rocco in some serious trouble if he tries to fuck her in her husband’s absence. She will first enjoy getting fucked by Rocco and then will get Rocco fucked for life.

Somebody rightly said that a big dick and a small brain can get you loads of trouble and that somebody is me.

I never knew that Viana do Castelo was such an escort haven until I met this chick with long hair there

Many of may think that premium porn is not a thing anymore because of the free porn available everywhere but you are wrong, the premium porn industry is still a growing one and more affluent, classy and high profile women are choosing this adult profession for themselves than ever before.

I wasn’t aware of this fact myself until I met this beautiful and high class escort in the city of Viana do Castelo in Portugal. She was more elegant than any escort I ever fucked in my life. The best thing about her were her long wavy hair that covered all of her delicious ass. It looked to me like that the ass came as a surprise gift when I undressed her.

I booked her for an entire night and while it cost me quite a lot of money, it was really worth it. She gave me a bodyrub before sucking me and whereas I am a guy that normally lasts an hour, I ended up cumming inside her mouth in the first few minutes and she giggled like it was nothing. I believe that each of the guy she meets, ends up cumming so soon just like I did, but that wasn’t a problem as I booked her for an entire night and I had the option to fuck her as many times as possible for me.

It took me about 25 minutes to get hard again and this time I straight away landed up inside her front door and it looked like she was completely in a state of shock with this action of mine. This time, I managed to last for a nice 40 minutes and it appeared like she was loving it as well and as hell.

I fucked her two times more that night, it was one helluva sex in Viana do Castelo (sexo viana do castelo).

Met this unbelievably stunning and nice Hispanic cougar through MeetinChat

I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to impress the chicks until I came to the conclusion that paid sex is far cheaper than non-paid one. I started visiting escorts and brothels than I started to feel that visiting escorts is not fun and a wastage of time and energy. I was raised catholic and I treat my sperm as something precious. I cannot forego the curse that god put on Onan after he caught him wasting his precious semen on bed instead of ejaculating it inside the sweet pussy of his sister-in-law.

I started myself watching porn for hours after I stopped visiting escorts and brothels. Contrary to the popular belief that watching porn reduces creativity, I have come to the conclusion that it instead increases the productivity.

After months of edging myself, I attained the level where I can only ejaculate on my will and I was looking for a woman who would appreciate my skill of ejaculating only at my will which I knew I could only find through a chatroom. I wanked around several different adult chat websites until I found MeetinChat.

On MeetinChat, I came across several different women, both young and mature. The younger ones found my skill of cumming at only my will to be awkward while the older ones couldn’t resist and I ended up fixing a sex date with this busty Hispanic cougar from my own city.

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I can’t wait to visit that Hispanic cougar again.